Occupy the Earth

Ravens Moreland

Artistic, Intense and Hypnotic....define alternative! but now forget it! because nothing sounds like this, beware!

Ravens Moreland was created by venerable post punk icon, Bruce "Ravens" Moreland, originally a long time bassist/song writer for some very heavy weight recording bands, the original band was set to record their debut album in 2000 with a completely different lineup, suddenly 3 weeks before recording the band broke up when the original drummer who was then a Christian discovered the guitarist was a Devil worshiper after viewing his social networking page, both members left refusing to play with one another, Ravens fed up with the two of them decided to do the album completely on his own, rewriting new songs, moving to guitar and keyboards and lead vocals, he enlisted a few friends to come in and add some guitar and drum tracks and 3 weeks later recorded the 1st Ravens Moreland album, 'lock up Your Mothers" fast forward to today and here is the 5th....well lets say 4 1/2 album release, by Ravens Moreland, still going strong with a music that is truly hard to define, it crosses the genres of alternative, industrial EBM, hard rock and post punk, relying on influences of Iggy Pop, Van Der Graf Generator, Black Sabbath, Velvet Undeground and Beethoven, here is a recent review on music emissions webzine http://www.musicemissions.com/artists/albums/index.php?album_id=17979

For more information visit ravensmorelandband.com All music available on cdbaby Twitter- Ravens1313 , find Ravens Moreland on facebook

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