The Dirt on You

Ravens Moreland

Psychedelic/Punk Industrial Power Swamp, and if that don't describe this insanely original, powerful and dark music, you'll just have to listen...beware!

Ravens Moreland The Dirt on You

All songs by Bruce “Ravens” Moreland Recorded at Ravens studio, Long Beach Ca. Drum recordings, mixing and mastering by Paul Minor at Buzzbomb Sound Labs, Orange, Ca. Produced by Bruce Moreland Distributed via CDBaby Ravens Moreland is Bruce “Ravens” Moreland- vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussions, bass. B. Moreland is a founding member of Wall of Voodoo, member of the Weirdos and Nervous Gender as well as a collabortor with Johnette Napolitano for Conrete Blonde co writting the song Sky is a Poisonous Garden on the Bloodletting Record Tara Belle- bass, vocals Jarrod Alexander- Drums ( live)+ recordings of Super Psychedelic Soul, Scene of a Crime, Voodoo Rattle Snake, Bed Bug, Bring the Darkest Night Jarrod also has played for Death By Stereo and My Chemical Romance Jared Shavelson- Drums (live)+ Asphalt Roaming/Whip Comes Down Join Ravens Moreland on Myspace, “Like” Ravens Moreland on Facebook Buy Ravens Moreland @ and Psychedelic/Classic Industrial /Swamp with provocative themes, biting social commentary, and Bukowski-esk stories of excess and debauchery from an innovator of Post Punk, Bruce (Ravens) Moreland, who co founded the eighties group Wall Of Voodoo at age 16 with brother Guitarist Marc Moreland, Bruce (Ravens) wrote songs with Johnette Napolitano for Concrete Blonde, a member of LA Punk band the Weirdos and Nervous Gender. The music is in the vain of Danzig/Revolting Cocks with the Wall of Voodoo roots apparent.

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